Photo: P.M. Bookgarden

Pash is available to model for fine art and artistic photography, life drawing and sculpture. For the first, she loves the outdoors. For life drawing, she specializes in movement oriented quick gestures and incorporating expressions of emotion into her work. She is happy to bring masks and other props to sessions with individuals and groups.

Her modeling work has been featured in calendars, books, galleries, and traveling shows and exhibits.

Artists interested in working with Pash, can inquire and check out her full online modeling portfolio.



• Robert Burridge, painter

• Kurt Wenner, 3-D artist 

• Skip Lawrence, painter

• David Shevlino, painter

• Susan Kliewer, sculptor

• Ted Preuss, photographer


”Pash is dynamic and really knows poses.”

~ Gretchen Lopez, artist & painting instructor

Life Mask Sculpture: Liz Learmont

Painting:Skip Lawrence

Drawing: Gregory Hull

Photo: Alba Elena

Wood Sculpture:Charles DeLay


Photo: P.M. Bookgarden