Blog Galleries:

Photos in these galleries are from photo shoots with Pash's masks and other archetypal explorations. They include reflections about the experiences and their purpose and meaning. Photos and slide shows are at the bottom of each page.

Archetypes & Reflections

Shame & Vulnerability

Stepping out from the woods into sunlight.

Tree Keepers

Spirits that protect trees.

Gaia & the Guardian

Guarding essential Self & planet.

The Eccentric Artist & Child

Two primary creative forces.

WONDER: The Actualizing Tendency

The impulse to Self-Actualize.

Seeing Wetiko was a collaboration with photographer Larry Pollock that was inspired by a grant from The Rules, a social justice group, to create a representation of Wetiko, a spirit of insatiable greed. Some of the photos were featured in Kosmos Journal.

SOPHIA: Wise Woman - I

Original archetypal exploration.

SOPHIA: Wise Woman -2

Archetypal exploration revisited.

A Week of Archetypes

Shadow, Fear, Inertia, Stagnation, Grief, Courage, Light, & Resistance.

Suffering & Transformation

Exploring Buddhism's 1st Noble Truth.

After the Fire: Emptiness, Mute, Sophia & the Old Oak

Archetypes of loss after fire destroys our home.