UnMaskIt! & the Environment

Palm Oil Cream - transitioning to Olive Oil

  We are transitioning use of our 100% organic palm oil barrier cream to 100% organic Olive Oil. Organic farming methods help preserve & protect the environment. 

•  Petroleum Jelly is typically used as barrier cream. Petroleum products deplete oil reserves and contribute to oil-related problems worldwide.

Plaster Cloth

•  Our plaster cloth is made from crushed gypsum rock and cotton. Our manufacturer uses water in their plaster cloth production process.

•  Other plaster cloth manufacturers use environmentally polluting ammonia in the making of their plaster cloth.

Cellulose Bags

•  Our bags, which hold the plaster cloth (and our eye-covers!), are made from biodegradable and compostable cellulose.

•  Other bags are made of plastic and contribute to plastic and petroleum-based environmental and other problems. In the US, 30% of all manufactured plastic is used for packaging.


•  Our  paper is made with 100% post consumer recycled fiber and is processed chlorine free.

•  Paper and paper products use about 35% of the world’s annual tree harvest. Every ton of virgin paper uses 682.5 gallons of oil and 10.401 kilowatt hours of electricity. In addition, every year the paper industry dumps millions of pounds of toxins into rivers and coastal waters, and contributes significantly to air pollution.


•  Our shipping boxes are made with 100% post consumer recycled fiber and processed chlorine free. When possible recycled boxes are used. 

•  General packaging materials deplete a vast array of resources when they are made. Once used, they make up 30% of the municipal waste stream. US residents generate an average of 463 pounds of packaging per person per year.

Your Supplies

  To prevent the waste of use-once-only items, you are asked to provide old towels and sheets as covers and drop cloths, and your own paint and water containers.

•  Using your own materials rather than providing new ones, limits waste and pollution, conserves energy and resources, and lowers costs and selling price.

Information and statistics from “Choose to Reuse” by Nikki & David Goldbeck.


UnMaskIt! products are designed to be as sustainable & environmentally friendly as possible.

Our company is Certified as a Sustainable Business at the Gold  level by the Sustainability Alliance & uses 300% green energy for our website hosting.*

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*This website is hosted by a company that purchases 300% Carbon Offsets for its operations.