FAQS about Mask Making

How long does it take to make a mask?

Expect to have your face covered with plaster mask material for five to ten minutes. Allow up to 20 minutes for strengthening each mask. Watching video instructions, reading inserts, collecting supplies, decorating, sharing, and clean up times vary.

Does making a mask hurt?

The process is painless if enough palm oil cream is applied. If not, then removing the mask may pull facial hairs.

What if I have sensitive skin?

A patch test is recommended before making a mask to determine if irritation will result.

Will I be able to breathe easily?

If precut nose holes are aligned with nostrils, breathing is easy. If not aligned, stretch wet plaster cloth with fingers to match holes and nostrils. Although breathing is still possible if holes are not aligned, you and your partner should ensure that breathing remains unobstructed. Cut a mouth hole in plaster cloth before placing it over the face if congestion is present.

What if I’m anxious about having my face covered?

To feel less confined, a mouth hole can be cut before forming a mask. Mask can be easily removed by you or your partner at any time. However, after a few minutes the mask will no longer be pliable, and cannot be re-formed on the face if it is removed.

Is plaster cloth dangerous?

Plaster cloth is safe if used as instructed. See Safety for additional details.

Does plaster stain?

Plaster does not stain. But when dry, it can be difficult to remove from textured fabrics. When wet, plaster is easily removed from most surfaces with water.