From a 5 minute themed piece, to a half-hour mask making demo, to an hour+ interactive or mime-like performance with customized characters, to an intensive mask making experience. All presentations can be adjusted to your needs. See the Events Blog Gallery for examples

The Body Reclamation Project

A mask performance presentation about body issues and coming home to oneself. More info here.


A mask performance presentation, about the impact that Wetiko, a spirit of insatiable greed is having on our planet and what can be done about it. See video clip. Based on a grant for Seeing Wetiko and Its Antidotes.

Mask Performances


”(Pash’s) mask and movement a revelation. Combining creative mask making and intuitive movement she taps into the unconscious to unleash powerful, authentic expression of the individual and collective soul. As a performer, she mesmerizes, as if hooked into some mysterious primal source, inhabiting characters and archetypes spontaneously, and revealing secrets of the human psyche before our eyes. She brings an ancient shamanic art to life with all the elements of theater, dance and ritual.”

~ Joseph Culp, actor, writer, filmmaker, artistic director of the Walking Theater Group

Photo: Larry Lindahl

Photo: Larry Pollock

Photo: Larry Pollock

Photo: Rose Moon


• Dia de Los Muertos Festival, Sedona, AZ

• Sedona Arts Center opening exhibit, AZ

• Phoenix Center for the Arts Exhibit, AZ

• Sedona Hummingbird Festival, Sedona, AZ     

• Flagstaff Performance Art Fringe Festival, AZ     

• Improv Dance Festival, Venice, CA     

• Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts Festival, Western Australia

• Phoenix Fringe Festival, AZ     

• Seattle Festival of Alternative Dance & Improvisation, OR     

• Somatic Movement Arts Festival, LA, CA

• International Peace Day Festival, Sedona, AZ     

• Mary Magdala Celebration, Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ     

• Goddess Project, Elks Theater, Prescott, AZ     

•“Max 10”, Electric Lodge, Venice, CA

• Amazing Women events, Sedona, AZ     

• Person Centered Approach Training, AZ, GA, NM, & VT     

• Celebration of life events, Sedona, AZ

“Thank you for adding color and your inimitable repetoire of characters that embody our relationships with the Earth and our feelings, doubts, motives and victories in living with and protecting her!”

~ Richard Sidy, President, Gardens for Humanity

“Pash's masks provide a great and tangible lure for one’s own rising consciousness and spirituality.”

~ Barbara Mayer, spiritual teacher and author of “Beyond Religion - Personal Search for Truth”

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