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   Important Notes

•  Mask making requires Adult Supervision and lying still for 15-20 minutes.

•  The UnMasKit! is for use by ages 5 through adult.

•  Mask making is not recommended for those with claustrophobia.

•  All UnMasKit! literature and instructions in the kit MUST be thoroughly read before making a mask.

•  See Safety and Legal for more information.

   Items You Supply

•  1 Pillow

•  2 Plastic bags or headbands

•  1 Felt pen (optional for drawing mouth hole)

•  1 Pair of scissors

•  Large bowl of cool, clean water (for each mask)

•  Several old towels, sheets, or drop cloths to put under & around working area to catch plaster spills.

•  1/4 Teaspoon measure

•  1 Small sharp knife (optional to cut eye holes if mask is to be worn)

•  2 plates to mix and paint.

•  1 Cup of water for cleaning paintbrushes.

  Optional Items

•  Relaxing music

•  Candles

•  Acrylic paint

•  Regular glue

•  Glue gun

•  Decorative items: beads, glitter, feathers, etc.

•  Nail (optional to make small holes to attach hang ties to if mask is to be worn)

•  Hang ties: string, elastic, etc.

•  Pen or pencils and paper

•  Costumes