Materials contained in the UnMasKit! mask making kit are safe when used as directed. Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all relevant kit components.


•  The UnMasKit! is not to be used by children under the age of eighteen unless supervised by an adult.

•  Do not apply the UnMasKit! over skin infections or wounds.

•  Because forming a mask on a face is confining, masks should not be made on individuals who are claustrophobic or who may feel excessively confined.

  100% Organic Palm Oil Cream

•  The palm oil cream in the UnMasKit! is certified 100% USDA organic. It contains no ingredients other than organic pressed palm oil. Organic palm oil has no known negative indications for skin, eyes, or guts. Allergic reactions are rare, however a patch test is suggested if there are any sensitivity concerns. An alternative such as Petroleum Jelly may be used if required.

•  If eye irritation happens to occur as a result of contact with palm oil, flush eyes with water.


•  Because of the confining nature of forming a mask on a face, it is essential that proper attention be given to the subject’s ability to always breathe easily. This means ensuring that nostril holes and mouth holes in the plaster cloth always remain aligned with the subject’s nostrils and mouth. Although breathing is still possible if holes are not aligned, care should be taken to ensure that breathing remains unobstructed. The subject should know beforehand that, once the plaster cloth has been applied, he or she can assist this process by enlarging or aligning the holes on their own nostrils and mouth with their fingers.

•  The subject should also be aware that he or she can remove the mask anytime simply by pulling it off the face. If this is done while the mask is still wet, the mask may be impossible to re-apply and complete. This unfortunate result is not nearly as important as the subject’s sense of safety and comfort.

   Plaster Cloth - MSDS

•  All Plaster of Paris products generate heat when drying. When used as instructed in the UnMasKit! excessive heat will not occur when the thin layers of room temperature plaster cloth are dipped in clean cool water and when no body part is completely enclosed. Although the top layer of plaster cloth may become warmer, the surface touching the skin will feel cooler as it dries. (Podiatrists have long used the same safe technique found in the UnMasKit! to make moulds of the feet.) Factors that may lead to excessive heat include: water temperature exceeding 25°C (75°F); overly thick layers or under-saturation of plaster cloth; reuse of dipping water; and high room or dry plaster cloth temperatures. Under no circumstances should an excessive bulk (many layers) of rehydrated material be allowed to harden on the skin, or the resulting heat may cause severe burns.

•  If the dust from plaster is breathed in continuously over a long term, such as in a work environment, it can trigger serious respiratory conditions. Although the exceedingly short exposure inherent in the use of an UnMasKit! is not considered a problem, it is recommended to avoid breathing any plaster dust generated from the plaster cloth. Although the risk is small and thousands of masks have been made without incidence, contact dermatitis and irritation to previous skin conditions are possible as a result of plaster contacting the skin. A patch test is recommended on the hand before applying plaster cloth to the face, especially if skin is particularly sensitive. Wash skin with mild soap and water to remove plaster from skin.

•  Although non-toxic and generally harmless, getting plaster in the eye could result in eye irritation. It is necessary to close the eyes and wear eye covers before plaster cloth is applied to the face. If plaster does get in eyes, flush thoroughly with water.

•  It is unlikely that eating plaster cloth would cause stomach upset, but it could lead to mechanical obstruction of the gut if ingested in sufficient quantities. Please DO NOT eat the plaster cloth.

  Cellophane - MSDS

  Cellophane is made of regenerated cellulose from wood pulp. There is no evidence of skin irritation from normal handling and use.

•  Close eyelids before putting cellophane over eyes. In case of direct contact with eyeballs, rinse 
immediately with plenty of water to avoid irritation, and if necessary seek medical advise.


•  By purchasing and/or using the UnMasKit! mask making kit you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the terms below. If you do not agree to these terms please do not make use of the UnMasKit! or any of its components.

•  Alive Today Enterprises (hereafter, ATE) disclaims any culpability for harm or injury caused by erroneous or exploratory use of the UnMasKit! or the materials contained therein.

•  ATE disclaims any expressed or implied warranties and any and all consequential damages from any action in connection with the sale of this item. Purchaser and user assume the risk in the use of this product. Any action or breach of contract will be limited to the price of the item.

•  Purchasers and users of the UnMasKit! agree to indemnify, defend and hold ATE, sellers, agents, and manufacturer harmless from any liability, loss, claim, and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, in connection with the UnMasKit!.

•  The supervision of an adult over 18 years of age is required for use of the UnMasKit!. NOT FOR USE BY CHILDREN: This arts and crafts kit can be used with children over five years of age, but must not be used by a child who is unsupervised. The legal definition of a “child” is anyone under the age of 18 years. All persons under 18 years old are restricted from using the UnMasKit!, or any of its components, without the supervision of an adult over 18 years old. The term “supervised” specifically refers to the entire time any of the steps of the UnMasKit! are being carried out or the materials within it are being handled.

•  Individuals who supervise the use of the UnMasKit! must be able to read, comprehend and utilize the language of the UnMasKit! Instructions. Definitions of that language are clearly described and available in any conventional and detailed dictionary of that language and are not intended to be interpreted in any other way.

•  The UnMasKit! literature and guidance are provided with confidence derived from present- 
day information. This information is not irrevocable, specifically in terms of third party rights’ encroachments or preconceptions in working with the UnMasKit!. The buyer and user accept complete responsibility for any actions with regards to third party claims. ATE disclaims any liability for third party claims. ATE gives its assurance that the UnMasKit! adheres to its sales description. This information or data must not be used for any reason to replace testing beforehand, which is the only way to confirm with certainty that the UnMasKit! is appropriate for a specific application. Consumers have the obligation for compliance with regional laws and securing certifications and authorizations.