Entertainment - Have Pash enact a specialty, masked character to walk-around and interact with guests or provide other highly-conscious, custom-made entertainment at your event.

Body Reclamation Project - Pash’s one-woman presentation can be customized to your group. Info here.

Workshops - Learn to make masks by watching a live, half-hour+ demonstration or participating in a two-hour to two-week workshop.

Commissions - Have Pash make a mask of you that you can decorate and work with.

Workshops - Learn skills for creative self-expression through movement, improvisation, and contact improvisation.

Group Interaction - Have Pash interact with and respond to your group by embodying your topics or themes using powerfully poignant voice and movement.


Pash is available to work with individual and groups of artists for life drawing, sculpture, photo, portrait, figure, and character modeling. Please email for more information, or see her portfolio.


• Mask Making for CEO’s at Enchantment Resort, Sedona, AZ.

• Seeing Through Our Eyes, Sedona community mask making workshop & exhibit.

• Faerie Mask Making, for faerie book debut event, Sedona, AZ

• Face Up to Peace, community mask making workshops & exhibits, US & Australia.

• Ten-day Mask Making projects, performance, & exhibits for Verde Valley School, Sedona, AZ.

• Peace Prayers 2001, community mask making & exhibit at Goldenstein Art Gallery, Sedona, AZ


While hosting an event I had the challenge of finding entertainment that would work in a busy room with people mingling in conversation. Pash Galbavy was the perfect answer. She took the stage and created slow-motion performance movements that were captivating for both the short term and the longer term observer. She was able to charm the crowd, to wow them and entertain them without a word being spoken. The creative attire selected by her was part of the allure and was perfectly in harmony with the themed event. Her fluid movements were enjoyable to witness while demanding nothing in the way of participation.

~ Greg Lawson, owner/photographer,

Greg Lawson Galleries, Sedona, AZ

“Pash's ability to communicate her passion for artistic self-expression is palpable. She is inspirational, supportive, energetic and fun - and can keep a disparate group interested and involved by finding the path to each individual’s soul.”

~ Anne Salzmann, former headmaster,

Verde Valley School, Sedona, AZ

“Pash embodies the essence of muse. Her graceful movement, imagination and creative spirit bring out the best in all who collaborate with her. I also appreciate her professional approach to the practical issues involved with scheduling and communication. Should you find yourself in need of a performance artist, dancer, figure model or perhaps all of the above at the same time, you must contact Pash.”

~ Eric Hodgins, fine print artist, Phoenix, AZ

“The movement Pash shares in groups hits at visceral, emotional and spiritual levels. We often get lost in our words and our head, but her work carries us to basic core emotions and feelings that are the deep end of the pool, so to speak.”

~ Cynthia D. Rudick, Ph.D., LPCC-S,

Professional Mediator & Arbitrator

Photo: Pam Dimeler