Videos of Pash Galbavy's masks, performances, & other experimental work. NOTE: For smoother viewing, after pressing “play” button, press “pause” and allow video to download--i.e., let gray line move across and fill player line, which could take up to a few minutes-- before pressing “play” again. For full screen video viewing, click either the square shape or the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video window.

Basics of Mask Making (2.5 minutes)

Overview of the UnMasKit! mask making process.

Full Mask Making Instructions (10 minutes)

Detailed UnMasKit! demonstration. Recommended to watch before making masks.


Spark - music video w/ Angela Torney

(5.26 minutes)

Malibu, CA - January 2019

"Spark", a new music video by singer and songwriter, Angela Torney. Along with her singing, Angela filmed Pash’s Sophia, wise woman, mask at the former site of Pash’s family's home, which burned in the 2018 California Woolsey fire.

Facing Wetiko at Olandar Salon

(15 minutes)

Malibu, CA  - August 2016

This presentation was based on a grant Pash received from The Rules to show the personal and social problems and solutions related to Wetiko, an Algonquin spirit of insatiable greed. See the original project, Faces of Wetiko and It's Antidotes Project photos by Larry Pollock were also published in the Fall/Winter, 2016 edition of Kosmos Journal.

A Moment of Art at Sedona City Council

(1.5 minutes)

Sedona, AZ  - April 2016

Pash offers three Earth Day related masks for the Sedona City Council’s monthly Moment of Art series.

Alternative Energy or Fossil Fuel?

(1.5 minutes)

Sedona Farmer’s Market, Sedona, AZ  - December 2015

Marty Landa handed out “Soulutions” while Pash, as the Sun, and Mark Stevens as Oil, offered market goers the opportunity to embrace Alternative Energy or Fossil Fuel. This activity was one of Inspiration of Sedona's  Climate Care Awareness events to raise awareness about keeping fossil fuel in the ground for the 2015 UN Paris Climate Talks.

Masks & Poetry for Mental Health

(10.5 minutes)

Sedona, AZ  - March 2015

Vietnam veteran and author Tom Puetz shares about healing from PTSD using alternative methods while Pash uses masks to highlight the emotion of the stories. This was part of the Mental Heal Coalition’s, Mental Health Awareness Week presentations.

Mask of Transformation at OTCA (5 minutes)

Cottonwood, AZ - March 2014

An improvised, exploration of the archetype of Transformation at Old Town Center for the Arts. This was a part of an Exploration of Archetypes, Pash’s interactive, public presentation series using expressive art, movement, and sound to help generate empathy for the human condition.

Ritual Healing at the World Peace Dance

(12.5 minutes)

Sedona Performing Arts Center, Sedona, AZ - February 7, 2014

A poetry and mask performance created by Pash and dedicated to veterans of all internal and external wars for the World Peace Dance. Original poem, "This Rage" written and performed by former Vietnam Veteran, Tom Puetz. Dancers include Martha Edwards, Sally Gebler, Zaphira, and Pash.

Exploration of Archetypes

(3.5 minutes)

Sedona, AZ - January 2013

An improvised, exploration of archetypal masks including Inertia, Courage, and the Actualizing Tendency that took place at Sandra Beck Studio. This was one in a series of Pash’s interactive, public presentations using expressive art, movement, and sound.

Grief & Celebration at Art du Soleil

(6.5 minutes)          

Sedona, AZ - May 3, 2012

In this short, improvised performance, Pash brings to life a conversation with counsellor, human rights activist, and torture survivor, Hector Aristizabal. Pash illustrates his insights into celebrating life after tragedy.

Woe of the World & Compassion (2 minutes)

Mary Magdala Celebration, Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ - July 2011

A short improvised dance embodying “Compassion”, performed by Pash and Sally Gebler.

A version of this performance was also offered at the celebration of life event for Carol Raynsford and James Johnson, a New Hampshire couple who were murdered in Sedona in January, 2012.

The Body Reclamation Project  

(20 minutes)

Crescent Moon Ranch, Sedona, AZ - April 2011

Excerpts from an hour-and-a-half long version of Pash’s one-woman show incorporating 18 masks.

The Body Reclamation Project  

(20 minutes)

Flagstaff Performance Art Fringe Festival - May 2010

Excerpts from the hour-long improvised show debut.

Wise Women  (10 minutes)

Sedona, AZ - September 2014

Highlights from a group of seasoned and wise women sharing their positive experiences of aging.

The Great Escape (15 minutes)

Sedona Library, Sedona, AZ - January 2013

An improvised, experimental, Playback Theater and performance art rendition of Pash’s 1st-prize winning short story, "The Great Escape" from the book "Sedona Awakenings."

Seed  (2 minutes)

Sedona, AZ - March 2012

This short video demonstrates a metaphoric glimpse into the Life/Death/Life cycle. What has become old collapses into the netherworld. There it rests, until magically reawakened anew and compelled to struggle its way into strange new life.

Wind Dance  (1 minute)

Sedona, AZ - March 2010

Short masked dance video for




Dance & Draw-a-thon at Sedona Arts Center

(1.15 minutes)

Sedona, AZ - January 2018

Pash and performer/model Mark Stevens dance and pose at the Sedona Arts Center for The Figure Revealed art exhibit's Dance & Draw-a-thon. Clips include music by Richard Salem and sketching by Claudia Hartley. Video by Bob Coates.